Centon Class 10 microSD Cards (2 Sizes)

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Centon Class 10 microSD Cards (2 Sizes)
Price: $4.99 - 9.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 5-7 business days. (Wednesday, Jan 07 to Monday, Jan 12) + transit
Condition: New


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Will these work in a game system like my Wii U? I keep looking for a decent sized SD.

How well would these work in a GoPro Hero 4?

They recommend Class 10 cards like this, but also specify U3. Is U1 much different?

Centon Product Page

Um… the 32 Gb are sold out right off the bat? Seriously?

Yeah, WTF. Who ordered 9,999 ?

There weren’t TONS, but it wasn’t like there were only three or something, either.

Yes, really Woot? Thanks for a great deal on 32GB cards, if it was real.

yes Woot you missed an opportunity to make a killing charging us five bucks to ship them to us.

Exactly, beyond stupid, should have been saved for a Woot Off, NOT a 24 hour Woot offering if there was only enough stock to last a few minutes!

Are these supposed to be any better/worse than the Samsung EVO cards? I got a 32gb one of those the other day for 12.99 at Amazon (the price does seem to have come up a bit on them since), and the 16gb cards seem to be able to be had for roughly the same as the 16gb centon cards here.

I bought a Centon USB flash drive about a month ago and the thing already kicked the bucket. I won’t buy this brand again.

$5 shipping for a $4.99 item?
When item weights less than an ounce!!
No no NO …

Never heard of Centon but GoPro requires a class 10 which this is so it should work fine in a GoPro.

Word of caution. Go name-brand when looking at memory and batteries. I learned my lesson while back a lost a TON of data when an off-brand memory card stopped working. Its only job is to remember, and if it cant do that, whats the point?

Perhaps they arent that bad if you use them for temporary storage (camera, etc), but I would STRONGLY urge you to back up your data with a tried and true trusted name brand card/HDD (SanDisk, Western Digital, etc).

Definitely of a lower quality than the Samsung EVO cards. Centon cards and USB drives have a reputation for dying fairly quickly.

If you have prime, 16 gb class 10 for less than 8 bucks with 2 day shipping. differnet brand, but better deal.

same brand 32 GB is less than 15 bucks, still a better deal than was supposed to be here

Seriously Woot?

$10 for a 16 GB or $15 for a 32?

Newegg, Amazon, Tiger Direct, hell even eBay has better deals than this, for name brands. Dang, even if I go to a Microcenter their OFFBRAND makes Centon look like guttersludge.