Centon Datastick Pro 128GB USB 3.0 Drive 3-Pack

Mothership just had PNY 128GB USB 3 sticks for $25/each.

Pretty soon we’ll be able to store the total world’s knowledge on a $8 device (which will probably be attached to a Fred Flintstone keychain).

I purchased one of these Centon USB sticks called the DataStick Sport. After loading a ton of data of mp3’s and movie files it suddenly stopped working telling me that the data is corrupt and there was nothing I could do about losing all of the data. Dead in the water with no warning. Other reviews on Amazon said the same thing about Centon drives. It wouldn’t allow me to open it up so I could transfer the files. It was DOA and I’ll never trust Centon’s flash drive storage USB’s ever again. They don’t even let you know whether or not you have to format it before using it. You may get a good one…or maybe not.