Centon DataStick Pro 32GB USB Flash Drive

I remember when I paid this much for a 32mb flash drive :confused:

$5 shipping kills woot offs…

Who mentioned the Centon Stick?

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Centon DataStick Pro 32GB USB Flash Drive
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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need another flash drive like another hole in the head, but at least they should go quickly.

yes yes yes yes… wait its already sold out?

I wonder if my boss will accept “Woot-Off” when he sees my eyes glazed over in orange!

I got 3 of these last time; 1 of them went bad very quickly, the other 2 are holding up just fine. Centon is sending me a new one to replace the bad one. I’m okay with that.

less than $1 a gb for a flash drive is good no? i though these would be gone quick

Amazon reviews would seem to indicate not a good deal…

wooot, gone

Got 3 last time. 0 of them worked.