Centon Datastick Sport 32GB USB Flash Drive

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Centon Datastick Sport 32GB USB Flash Drive
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Centon DSW32GB-001 Datastick Sport 32GB USB Flash Drive

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what were the coupon codes that we received for the anniversary promotion? I dont remember the codes right now and cant access my mails…

That’s what she said

(t-hat’s what she said)

snazzy and what not

That’s bigger than my hard drive.

Pretty cool. Not $60 cool…

Sport? Is this good for swimming? p.s. i called the centon theme haha.

Jebus, I don’t know what I would need to transport that is 32 gigs.

That would hold a lot of pr0n.

wowee thats a spendy little gadget

ordered, but didnt get it =\

The 16 Gig came by not too long ago. If you are getting a 32 gig why not just buy an external hd.

aawwww crap

finally a thumb drive that doubles as a swizzle stick. I bought 3!!!

Wow - 32GB. That’s amazing. So is the price! I’ll wait for it @ $25 or so … maybe next woot-off …

I was excited for this, til I noticed it was $60. Boo…


want the antenna; bring it back

I’m in the same boat, but waiting for something that’s worth the free $10.

that’s sad considering the fact that you can pick up a 1.5 tb hdd for like $110 on the side deal RIGHT NOW