Centon DataStick Sport 64GB Waterproof USB Drive

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Centon DataStick Sport 64GB Waterproof USB Drive
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This is a joke, right?

I got this same price a few days ago at sellout.woot. Great deal.

I could fill a 64 gallon fish tank with these waterproof USB drives for the amount of times we’ve seen them! Surely there can’t me too many more of them! crosses fingers

$5 off Amazon. Impressive…

Actually, $10 off amazon, unless you are counting the shipping charges.

Pretty good deal either way.

what I want to know is how is there someone on Twitter saying they got one of these 3 hours ago?

How long do we think these will be up?

It was the 32Gb

They are in a different timezone. I’m in Australia and it is already 9.44pm Tues here. Watch out later for the Roomba because the B. O. C. is between that and the LeakFrog.

I’m pretty sure 3 hours ago is 3 hours ago no matter what time zone you’re in.

But… you win the herp award!

Of course you need to count shipping charges to get full price. Amazon ships free.

twitter? Man you guys are serious about your wooting (especially the woot offs)

I’m old school. No twitter account, and I have to actually go the woot.com homepage to see what’s happening. I’m sure I miss quite a bit, but at least I’m not getting drilled with updates for everything on the web, instantly, through twitter. When do you folks actually sleep?

And now you have the rest of the story…

Nah, @fabbozzilpsm2 said 64gb flashdrive for $49.99… but I no longer wonder at any rate.

Wooting is serious business.

There’s this old school “push” paradigm thing called RSS feeds…

More on topic, who on earth buys a Flash drive in that capacity but only a USB 2.0 pipe to get to it? Can you say “thumb twiddling” or “watching paint peel”?

Wow, I’ve never heard that line before. That’s quite funny.

Plus, I work overnights. This ain’t early, it’s just after lunch time.

BOOM! Woot just got real! Can someone buy these data sticks now? I’m ready for the next offer.

What’s sleep?