Centon Memory Cards

Does anyone have these cards that can attest to the read/write speed being what it says?

More 1-star reviews on Amazon than 5-star reviews, and overall is 53% negative? No thanks.

Just yesterday, Adorama just had some Sandisk Ultra (87+% favorable reviews on Amazon) on sale for the same prices w/free shipping.

Nothing is perfect, but a product’s track record is a good indicator of its reliability.

Bad link? I’m seeing zero reviews there.

Link appears to be good. I am seeing less than a 2.5-star overall rating a lot of 1-star ratings.

Weird, works now. This morning I ended up on a page with 0 reviews. Shrug.

I can’t believe how cheap these are now. Just a couple years ago for a class10 64Gb microSD card I paid $120.

This deal is for MicroSD cards. Though that link goes to a product from the same mfr., it’s not the same product.

Amazon doesn’t seem to have any reviews for this product.

The main negative review on there - I read stories about this before. Notice how he said it only holds about 1Gb before erasing? That’s because there really is only 1Gb of memory in there but the allocation table says it hold 32. The card just keeps looping over itself. It’s a huge scam with really cheap flash memory cards.

So that’d make this more trustworthy? :rollseyes:

FWIW, the regular card came up when I searched for ‘Centon microsd 32gb’. Amazon’s search engine is such a piece of …

Please tell us the source for this info. Sounds like an IT urban legend.


Centon is a large, real company, and they don’t manufacture cards with faked capacity. These aren’t fake cards, or Woot is going to owe you a refund.