Centon Rush USB 3.0 Flash Drive 5-Packs



Hard to find reviews of USB3 drives from Centon, mostly just USB2. Here is one that is quite positive: https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Centon/Rush_USB3_16GB/


Some reviews at Amazon for what looks to be the 64GB version. Not favorable. But the Woot multipack price is definitely lower per stick.



Is it just me or is woot starting to become the seller of last resort for crap that doesn’t work or that no one would buy if they could see its quality!?!

There seems to be a catch with everything they sell now.

This flash drives don’t work, light bulbs that don’t work, Sheets that are blends to look fancy… but are actually cheap knock off polyester mix. Come one guys this is getting sad. And don’t get me started on blind bags of the rest of the stuff we couldn’t sell on woot. :frowning:


Sorry,but Woot has seriously deteriorated in both quality and pricing since it( apparently?) became part of/owned by Amazon.
I have been a keen purchaser from Amazon for several years plus also from Woot- in fact I think I have been buying from Woot almost from its inception? NOW? I am VERY wary about pricing and quality from BOTH!!-but Amazon is STILL a good bargain!