Centon SATA III SSD - Your Choice Capacity

Centon SATA III SSD - Your Choice Capacity

I remember last time these were on sale many had bad remarks. Many failures and things of that nature

1 TB $84.99 on Amazon. :dizzy_face:


@ThunderThighs I’m sure for those who haven’t saw your cheaper link and made the purchase prior for the 1TB version will likely be credited. Woot is very good about that!

TERRIBLE!!! DO NOT BUY!!! I am still waiting on Centon to follow through on their warranty. The SSD failed at the two week mark. Woot, stop selling this POC SSD.

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Got 2 of these last time, both failed during the first day of service, still waiting on a refund. Do Not Buy

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Centon is a California based company and they put out this junk???

Terrible deal for a terrible drive. These are just filled with whatever crap Centon can find, usually very poor quality MLC flash from like 6-8 years ago.

Even at $50/100, it would still be a ripoff.

Was going to pull the trigger on these but after reading the comments, I’ll stick with the Samsung SSDs. Pay more but when it comes to reliability, there’s too much at stake.

If it was MLC, there’d be some value, as 2-bit NAND is more durable than TLC NAND. Given this controller came out in 2014, though, I’m NOT counting that this is the newer and superior 3D NAND but rather, the older, slower, and less durable 2D planar NAND.

They definitely lose on value, though, hence the “Samsung tax” as it’s called in PC building communities. I’d personally go with Crucial or WD. For SATA drives, the Crucial MX500 and WD Blue are on par with a Samsung 860 Evo, but at a much friendlier price.

@ MeeTwo … Don’t get me started on Samsungs. I got a EVO 512gb pro SSD back in 2015. Around 2018, I switched to a 1TB Crucial due to running out of space. Set the 512 samsung up as a cloned partition drive, put it in a fire proof safe. Brought it out a couple of times to test it. Last time I updated it, tested it, put it way was like last nov, 2019. Tried to use it a month ago after a video card install went south (thanks Microcrap) and it was dead. Nothing see’s it. So much for a top of the line SSD from Samsung. I’m a PNY and Crucial user now. For non-SSD’s, I’m a diehard Seagate and HGST enterprise user. All my NAS boxes except one is seagats. the one that’s not, WD Red’s in a mycloud ultra 2, 16tb system. That required a drive replacement after 2 years of use. Needless to say, I’m not and never been a WD fan. Too high failure rates and too noisy. And I won’t by a HGST that’s branded by WD either.