Centon USB 3.0 512GB Datastick Pro

Centon USB 3.0 512GB Datastick Pro

If you filled this with music…
assuming 1 minute of music equals 1 megabyte.
The distance between the earth and moon is 238900 miles. If you only traveled at 60 MPH, you would have enough music to get you to the moon and back and never hear the same song twice…

Or put it this way. There is 525600 minutes in a year… Or so they sing.
You would have enough space to play music non-stop for almost an entire year, 24/7/365 and never hear a repeat.

USB… You’ve come a long way BABY!

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Anyone have real world speeds on this? Fast enough to run a portable OS?

I wouldn’t count on it. If it was reasonably fast, I would like to believe that the manufacturer would be proud to be advertising its speed.

If you need the speed and don’t mind some bulk, a portable enclosure + SSD can be easily done for under $60; under $50 if you catch what you need on sale.

I bought two of these the last time they were available. Bot in were they painfully slow…Both of them corrupted themselves within a few read/writes. Woot refunded quickly. I can’t recommend this brand at all.