Centon USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Not very fast for large files. Tested transfer of 14.7GB video file and only got 30MB sustained transfer while a Team Extreem 128GB drive had a sustained rate closer to 100MB/s for the same file. Small files <4GB have better transfer rate.

Bought one of these centon drives a while ago. 2.0 32 gig for $30. After about 1 year, partition crashed. Lost all data. After months of trying to recover, took a hammer to it. I’ll never trust Centon again.

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These are not very good specs but at least they are posted. I got suckered into buying a: Kingston DT100 G3 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive at Rakuten/Buy.com before reading the reviews. Basically every single one was bad. I placed a second order for the “Kingston DT Ultimate G3 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive” - shipped today, DTU30G3/64GB which was cheaper than the 128GB posted here after a $10 discount at the time…

It boasts read speed specs up to 150MB/s and writes up to 70MB/s, not the abysmal 30MB sequential reads I was seeing with the DT100 G3/64GB (which you see in the specs here for all three Centon models). Like I said, at least they tell you. Try to find r/w speed tests from Kingston on the DT100, all you can find are unhappy customers that thought they were “getting a drive with USB 3.0 level speeds”

EDIT: my mistake, these drives are rated at (80MB/s R) / (20MB/s W)

Zero reviews on Amazon and I can’t find them at all on NewEgg (which is telling in an of itself). When it comes to digital data and backup, which is what high capacity flash drives are really used for, I’d look for a more common and reliable brand.


Any idea if these are removable type media or fixed, or can be changed? If fixed then can be formatted into multiple partitions and used for Windows to Go (Windows 8 Enterprise only).

Per their tech support the drives are set as removable

In reply to your inquiry “Centon Electronics, Inc.: Data Stick Pro USB 3 removeable or fixed”:

The USB to Flash IC controller in these drives is set to be recognized as a Removable drive, not fixed. There is no utility available from Centon to change this.

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