Centon USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Time to learn all about Centon

Comments/Discussion on the 64GB from a previous sale

Summary of discussion: They work for awhile. Then fail eventually because Centon must build their drives cheaply.

Decent price on these, but as warned in the other thread, do not use these as backups unless you are backing up your back up on a different drive.

Word that is an dumb-alert for 2015: “Pro.”

Generally, if they resort to using “Pro” to hawk the item, it is substandard.

(Besides that, it indicates the item is used professionally, as in somebody is making a living with the item. Anybody out there using a Centon stick professionally?)

Kinda like cheap vacuums and blenders using the word “Euro” to appear classier

Happy New Year y’all!

Not sure how amazon got stuck with these but someone got taken. I got 2 of these (8 and 16gb) handed out in class and both failed. One you can’t read, one shows it has 1mb on it. Dealing with Centon is useless. Sad thing is, the Computer Info Sys department bought many to hand out to students and ended up having to issue replacements. So sorry woot but these fail too often (and more then not) to take a chance and from what I’ve seen at newegg and on mother’s website, these are NOT a good deal nor worth taking the chance.

I bought three of the 128 gig drives from this sale previously. After spending a couple hours collecting all my files onto one of them the thing failed within a week!!! None of my pc’s see the drive. I bought two others as gifts and now have to warn the recipients of my experience. I wish I would have read the comments before I purchased them. Now I have to deal with Centon to get a replacement because the thing broke 25 days after Woots 21 day return policy. This was my first purchase from Woot and probably my last.

Tell me all about Samsung Pro SSDs and SanDisk Extreme Pro SD cards and how they suck, please!

They’re not bad, but the Samsung Euro SSD is to be avoided.

My wife purchased 2 64GB sticks 2 or 3 months ago. We’ve been using ours daily without a hiccup. It loads fast, unlike other, smaller flash drives I have used. I’m buying the 128GB to see how that one performs.

I bought one of the 64G drives Nov 6, 2014 it stopped working Dec 18…

This company makes garbage, they refuse to let me RMA it. If you want to waste money and possibly lose files you care about this is the company / drive for you.

I was gonna get some thumb drives. I’ll Google reviews for them, but what do the wooters here think are the best, fastest and most reliable thumb drives??
Mostly for backup, some for storing/playing music.

this thing has horrible reviews
amazon has pny 64gb free shipping same price

also newegg has pny for 19.99 free shipping

Oh look! The point! Oops, you missed it!

Do not buy this.
I had it less than 3 months and then it died. They are going to RMA me a new one, but I have no confidence that it is going to behave any differently. Buy something else. It isn’t worth the risk and absolutely DO NOT trust this as a backup or only location for critical files.