Centon USB 3.0 Flash Drives

Umm… so where’s the choice? “(Your Choice)”

I don’t see a choice? or did the smaller one already sell out…?

I read that too, but I didn’t see an option. Might be a bad copy and paste from a previous sale? Not sure. I’m in for one.

What would I do with all that…storage.

Must have. $35 for a 3.0 128gb flash drive is ridiculous though.

Or at least the last time I remember spending that much on a flash drive it was for half that capacity or less.

edit: correction, I paid $45 for 32gb a little over a year ago. Granted it was a much faster (by like 3x) stick.

I paid $45 before shipping for this drive in a previous Woot sale from back in Oct 2014.