Looks risky for the octopus, I’ll bet it’s hard not getting your tentacles caught in the spokes. :frowning:

Looks like we’re continuing the sea animals on bikes trend here.

It has to be said: The bowler hat makes this shirt go from interesting to awesome.

No basket and handlebar tassels?

I’ve tried biking underwater, it’s not as fun as it might seem. =/

Both tentacles on the bar handles, Mr. Cephalopod! And eyes on the seaweed path, please. :slight_smile:

A woman needs a man like an octopus needs a bicycle.

excellently detailed; I like the thought that the bowler just floated off leisurely + was caught with a quick snap.

This might o-fish-ally be the punniest write-up ever!

I assume this guy’s garden in the shade is totally organic, too.

Moby was a celebrity out bonding with his pal, Ahab. On land. This looks like an ordinary, bowler-wearing octopus out for a ride underwater. Then, again, he may be sitting on his pal…It’s hard to tell, but potentially disturbing. :confused:

This is really reminding me of something, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

The best I can come up with is the old Disney cartoon called “Aquamania” where Goofy goes water-skiing with an octopus. Aah, the memories!

I prefer to imagine he’s singing this.

I saw it more as a polite tip of the hat to a lovely lady octopus as he rode by…

I’m pretty sure every conceviable pun has already been covered in the write-up… I think this might be a very sparce comment thread.

I misread the title at first as Cephalopedia. I’m a little disappointed that this is an octopus on a bike rather than at the reference library.

Not enough armholes. Did not buy.

LOVE the flobots reference in the description! Amazing song.

Sure beats taking the Octobus!

Lol. Awesome shirt! I wish they had this as a bicycle jersey!