Cephalopod's Garden

Is this the view from the Yellow Submarine?

submerged sweetness

“I’d like to be Under the sea In an octopus’ garden In the shade…”

A memorable design. I like the view looking out of the submarine :slight_smile:

Yeah!!! Ocho & Collin!

And the Ocho is on an incredible roll!

Cool design!

Someone has to do it


Bought x2!

This should of been #1

Awww this is super cute. It works really well on the shirt blank too.


Such a cute shirt, Ochopika! Love the design and the use of colors!

As it is a “Cephalopod’s Garden”, I’m pretty sure the view is from a “Yellow Bathysphere”.

Lemon fresh and fruity design. Congratulations on the collaborative print.

I want this shirt. But I feel like it wouldn’t look very good on “gifted” girls.

This shirt has made someone in my house very happy today. Bought as a gift! :^)

Cute, but it seems more like a literal interpretation of the song title, not a re-interpretation.

I think it’s the addition of the Yellow Submarine that reinterprets it.

A-are… Are those… SEA APPLES?!?!?!?

The images that lead me to believe that sea apples looked like this have FOOLED me. I am a FOOL.


I now know that sea apples are exactly like land apples and a gourmet cuisine to all octopodes… Thank you!

I thought that was the whole point of the recent shirts, man.