Ceramic Kamado Grill

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Ceramic Kamado Grill
Price: $549.99
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Condition: New


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Quotes from Grill Bill Volume 1

“That really is a Kamado Hanzo grill…”

“It was not my intention to eat this in front of you; Pit Master Privilege an’ all… for that I’m sorry. But you can take my word for it, your steak had it comin’. When you’re all done cooking, if you still feel raw about it, I’ll be grillin’.”

“I can tell you with no ego, this is my finest grill. If on your journey, you should meet Meat, Meat will be grilled”

This unit is identical to the Vision B grill.

In that, I’m positive (especially as it doesn’t list its inclusion here), it doesn’t come with a proper heat deflector, like this:


And it’s expensive - typically $50, new.

All that open space surrounding the provided, thin, cheap, pizza stone? That’s all direct heat that will char your food. And there’s nothing worse than burned, dry BBQ (burnt ends excepted).

If you get this unit, get a decent heat deflector, or you’ll be sorry.

I’m sorry.

So if this “green egg knock-off” and on Woot is $550…

What is the street price for a Green Egg???

Similarly sized and equipped, I believe it’s in the $1000 range. They have distribution locked down, do it’s hard to find them on discount.

fakespot gives reviews on amz a “D” so pretty poor overall

IF I were looking for a Kamado grill this one would make the list of potentials. However, I have enough grilling/BBQ/smoking, etc. appliances that I can’t really take this kind of financial plunge for something that does what other things I own already do. Plus since there are only two of us in the house it doesn’t make sense to use charcoal (even in a Kamado grill) when you are only making two or three burgers or steaks at a time. While it may hold heat to smoke for up to 9 hours, when I crank up my smoker I’m going to do much more than this thing can hold. It may cook wonderfully but for me the utility just isn’t there.

Just a note - The description on the mothership (which uses the same pictures) says the cart is made from stainless steel, but here on Woot is says it’s made from aluminum.

I give Fakespot a D as well… it’s used a review I wrote as fake.

Agree. You can sort by Verified Purchaser on Amazon and get better results.