Certain "wins" and duration of sales?

I get so confused with the…categories?.. of derby “wins” and how long they are up for sale.

I’ve been included in a couple of Fogs of War at the close of derbies, I’ve sent my artwork in and the shirts were printed. But to go back and check on them later, they’re not there on my items-for-sale page.

How many categories of “win” are there?

How do I know which one my derby submission has won?

How does a consumer know that an item may only be available for a short window?

Does this affect my payment for each items’ sale?

Hi, if you checked back for recent derby designs from an Monday Honorable Mention Sale, they might not have been added to your catalog yet because of the holidays. We manually add those to our catalog, and have been a bit behind on adding those.

As for which derby entry has won, we send out an email with a coupon code soon after sale that includes one of your designs launches. That sale will have the winning design in it.

When you submit a Derby, it is best to send in your art file at that time. That saves time on the processing of the art and can allow us to include more designs in the HM sales. But as a fail safe we try and send out an email requesting art from artists who are in the consideration set. Getting that email doesn’t guarantee a spot in a sale, but is a good indicator.

The commission for any sale other than a stand alone featured daily print is consistently $2. So being included in the HM sale gives a good chance to get a lot of sales at the beginning. Those initial sales also help us determine what designs to include in future sales with a particular theme.

Oh, and check your catalog now. I just finished adding all of the HM designs from the last month to the catalog - if a design is still missing, feel free to email me.

Hope this helps,