Certified Refurbished- Segway ES1

Certified Refurbished- Segway ES1

So… anyone else having issues? I tried to update the firmware. It stopped halfway, and now my phone can’t connect to the device and it just beeps an alarm rather than do anything, and it still wants to update the firmware, which it can’t, because the phone won’t connect.

… Hate to say it, but I may need to do a return on this. Someone needs to kick the recertification team in the shins.

Okay, think I’ve got it working again - factory reset seems to have done the trick. It still wants to do the update, but i think I’ve got a functional unit.

Okay… it screams at me with an error code #49. Which is apparently ‘undefined’. I can reset it by holding the brake down, turning it on, and releasing the brake after about ten seconds. But it’ll scream #49 at me again the next time I power it on.

That said, it works great! I’m over the weight limit, so it’s only giving me about half the range, but it’s nice and zippy.