Challenge Time: Beat the Price!


DaveInSoCal asks, and so we put it up to you to find out!

Find the most expensive item you can that Woot has sold, and post it below!
Definition of expensive: Woot sale price, not MSRP.
Current leader: Focus ScreenPlay 61” DLP High Definition TV for $2,999.99 - $500 Rebate (so $2499.99 still the price to beat!) via lplady!
Older candidates: Alienware Laptop, $1599.99
New Olevia 65" 1080p LCD HDTV, for $2,299.99 from lplady!

Current related challenges up for grabs!
Most expensive vacuum
Least expensive vacuum
Most expensive non-wine wine.woot item (new category!)

Also, since coupons came up, since the rebate/coupon was factored into the Focus ScreenPlay TV to get final price yesterday, all coupons/rebates are factored in.


Hmm, don’t know if it’s the most expensive but how about the Olevia 65” 1080p LCD HDTV that was $2,200 something back in 2008?


can we include the shipping cost? there was an april fool’s day crap that cost $3 plus $1 million shipping. (there was a coupon code given in the writeup to discount shipping)


price listed in discussion:



Only you no1, only you would come up with that. MWAH!


Nope, shipping not included. :slight_smile:

Looks like the current leader is now: Olevia 65" 1080p LCD HDTV, for $2,299.99 + $5 shipping


Thank you!

Aug 25, 2008
New Olevia 65" 1080p LCD HDTV, for $2,299.99

Edited to remove shipping cost. :wink:


Inky, do you already know the answer to your question?


Not when I originally asked, no. :wink:

This is fun though, let’s add a new category in the mix:
Most expensive/least expensive vacuum!


Does Woot being sold to Amazon count?

I’ll leave out the shipping cost of the relocated employees.




I wasn’t around back in 2005 and I can’t find the woot page that connects to this. If I’m reading it right, according to this page on Aug. 8, 2005 Woot sold an InFocus ScreenPlay 61” DLP High Definition TV for $2,999.99.


That’s amazing.


Is it the highest priced item sold on Woot?

Edit: I did find the discussion pageon Woot, but not the buy page.


As far as I can find. :slight_smile: We should totally try those other categories - I don’t know the answers to these, so I’m willing to let the highest one found stand until someone (if they can) beats it! :slight_smile:


One more piece of info I’d like to see is how many were sold for these high tickets thingies.

I was always amazed at the quantity of usb powered left handed wicket shears woot! could sell in a day.

I don’t think the total units sold is listed these days.


I believe the most expensive woot ever was the Million Dollar Crap, (well, a million and one dollars) with a coupon. I finded it! Me me me! I win!


On 3/6/2006, I bought one of the last offered InFocus 61” DLP Ultra-Thin HDTV with Random Crap
for $2,504.99 Shipped.

(p.s. - It died a year and a half later.)


no1 beat ya to it!


no1 linked to the Million-dollar shipping crap, and mod says shipping doesn’t count, so yay me!
So no one, not even no1 beat me to it.