Champion 705SP-2 Heavy Duty Jobber…

The description mentions every detail about these drills except the most important one. What diameter are they? Are they all the same? If not, what is the size range? That’s a pretty big unknown for twenty bucks.

Which is probably why it hasn’t sold.

Flash deals are pulled from Amazon overstock. Our features and photos contain all the info that was available on Amazon. You might take a swing at google to see if the more info is out in the interwebs. :slight_smile:

Item on Amazon

This is the closest I could find on Champion and it doesn’t say either?

To add to the confusion, the catalog available at the link below shows that these would be a #2 drill which doesn’t match the specs shown on woot or Amazon. In fact there is not a 705SP drill that does match the woot/Amazon specs.

As of the time of this post, these are $9.43 on the mothership (add-on item with Prime shipping).

One left. :\

These are #2 bits, stamped on the shank