Champion Ultralight Portable Generator

Champion Ultralight Portable Generator

So the reviewers say they use this generator with propane, I found no mention of using propane in the user manual. Are the reviews for this model?
Can it be fueled with propane?

Hi there. Amazon has 8 different generators on their page and reviews for all are combined. Ours is gas only.

Harkening back to Doomsday Preppers TV series, there are many instances of people powering gasoline generators with LP gas, natural gas and even plasma (The high temp gaseous output of traditional wood-fueled fire). These “hacks” (when an engine is not specifically designed for them) would undoubtedly void the mfg’s warranty (if they can tell). Other fuels do provide the same horsepower and thus also reduce generator wattage. Might even melt all that pretty plastic. But a successful hacker may appear to be a really cool wizard.

Good deal, but sounds like you are stuck dealing with the manufacturer if it doesn’t work out of the box. At least Amazon will refund or replace defective ones.

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It’s easy to repurpose a generator to work on an alternative fuel like combustion gas from wood or even cow pies. What is difficult is keeping corrosives out of that. The classical example was powering buses during World War II from smoldering coal because fuel was all sent to the war effort. The sulfur became acid that ruined the engines.