Chance of Scattered Showers

Wow, it’s amazing how you made the rain, looks 3D almost.

Why is that planet spitting on those robots? :frowning:

Drops of Jupiter… Great, there goes the picnic…

Congrats on the print.

Congrats sir! And I haven’t received the volcano one yet…

in a real rainstorm, these guys would rust… theoretically, those meteors should come down like hail and dent the heck out of everything.

I actually preferred loopy’s interpretation far better than this one. Hers seemed more cohesive. Plus, it was one of very few entries last week on a light shirt, which was a bonus.

As much as I love the design, the robots themselves are uninspired. Now with the red giant+ white dwarf design out of the running, this is one more contest where Woot gets none of my money.

in for two

My first thought was that those raindrops fall in a really awkward path.

Then I figured they were probably meteors.

But if that is so, how big must those robots be? Meteors are kinda ginormous.

I really like how the shirt flows from left to right as you move down the shirt. Makes for a neat effect.

Another great print, cmdixon2! Congrats

I am so glad this design won something. I love the way it goes from one side down to the other. Creative, unique… Congrats.

Noooo! I wanted the other shirt :frowning:

I do like this shirt design though. It’s a very cute concept well expressed. I just really wanted the other one for my boyfriend.

One of the best I’ve seen on woot. Really defies the square box limitation.

You know how the number one rule of marriage is to never go to bed mad? Well I’m going to bed mad tonight because the red giant didn’t print.

I have to go pout now.

I spent a few minutes yelling at the computer, “What do COMICS have to do with this shirt? There’s nothing COMIC about it!” and then I realized that the condition was “cosmic” not “comics”.

My bad.

I just realized, this shirt would be perfect for my brother! He’s a weatherman.

was really hoping this one made it

glad it did!


Are those little robots?

Glad to see the shirt I wanted make it! In for 2.

So does the little girl robot have a doll, or a dead pet human?

…Sorry, that was kinda morbid =P