Bill Lear of Lear Jets named his daughter, Shanda. Shanda Lear. What other weird names have you personally seen in the wild? I went to school with a Melody Music.

I’ve been looking to replace my HIDEOUS dining room chandelier that came with the house when we bought it. Have been looking for 16 years and haven’t found one, until now. The Piedmont might be just what I’m looking for. Pretty pricey elsewhere, closer on, no reviews :frowning: Now, to convince DH…

I knew a girl in high school whose name was January Six (first and middle) as that was the day she was born on…

I just wanted to clarify that these are NOT indeed chandeliers, but hanging lights! Do you see any crystals? I think not!

coff coff


A decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles.

coff coff

My sister went to school with a Candace Barr, AKA Candy Barr.

I went to school with a girl named Candy Cane.

We also knew a boy with the name of Tanner Grey. I never thought about it until my husband remarked that his name sounded like his parents couldn’t decide on a color. (Yeah, go back now and repeat his name out loud.)

They look nice, but GU24 bulbs, no thanks. How 'bout some fixtures that take normal bulbs…

Kelly Green
Heaven Leigh Dawn
Sunshine Daydream

We had a news broadcaster: Shady Lane
I knew a Chris Cross

Wendy Daze
Sunny Daze
Rainey Daze

I knew a lawyer who was B. Lawless.

and I went to a hand specialist whose name was Dr. Mitten !

I used to sell timeshare vacations when I was a very, very, very young sweet thang out in South Lake Tahoe and met a beautiful girl who worked the line as well [we were the only young girls and we worked with about 30 older distinguished gentlemen] (VERY senior seniors) and this beautiful girl was as FRESH as her way-too-awesome name…the one, the only…Miss Windy Parks. I don’t know how we were so blessed in our youth, but we took our job seriously and we sold the shizzazz out of those timeshares. Nobody expected young girls to be so poised and capable or serious…we blind-sided everyone we came in contact with. BAM! One sale after the other. And when I say she was beautiful…she was beyond stellar…beyond ethereal.

I knew a girl in school with two brothers: Candy, Rocky and Smoky Mountain.

High school sisters, Taffy and Candy Kiss…

Hmm we know a bunch of people who name children by real different names-First off I must comment on Clay Pidgeon,my kids went to school with him(the joke was people would yell PULL and he would duck)-now as a girl you get married and can change your last name-your a boy your stuck.
I have known a Autumn Fall,Sandy Beach,& Rocky Craig.and then there are the celebrity names-Audio Science(f)Moses Amadeus,Moon Unit Zappa,Pilot Inspektor, Bluebell Madonna.Tu Morrow(m),Moxie Crimefighter-ohh and Micheal Jacksons children-Prince & Blanket in hollywood it is the thing to do.

Anyway that is my list

The amount of money you save by using them is incredible.

The name of a former radio talk show host in the DFW area.

Benjamen Dover, Went by Ben Dover.

I remember him! I actually called into his show and was on air around 2000. It was funny because he mispronounced my name and my ex heard me on that segment.