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My final message

Good by e


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No, by e.

Also, I hope the OP is just leaving Woot and it’s not something more personal. Take care, @morbidkrabs.

Imma take a guess here that somebody named MorbidKrabs is probably going to be just fine, apart from a little drama.

What would you do with a suicidal wooter? Tell them to call somebody? That nothing is worth doing that over?

OK , Hey @MorbidKrabs, stahp it. Call somebody, it’s not worth doing this.

One of my nephews died by suicide so I try to remember everyone is going through something. It doesn’t hurt to extend a small courtesy to them.


I hear ya. So talk to him, show me how it’s done.

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That wasn’t my intent, I just wanted to let them know that someone hopes they are well.

So it makes you feel better?


I hope you are well too, random stranger I have never met.

No, though that’s not a bad thing. I’m just trying to be nice to someone out there in the ether.

I hope you are well, too.

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