Changing Sides

Congratulations on the print…you get 25 hours of sale time…that’s five hours per ghost!

Pac-Man died smiling? Creepy…


Dear Pac-Man,
Halloween was LAST week. Nice costume though.

Blinky (Red), Pinky (Pink), Inky (Cyan) and Clyde (Orange)

So is every ghost a pac-man like creature that died? Very zombie-ish actually.

Spring forward, Fall Back!

Seems so final.

When I got the joke on this shirt it blew my mind.

Pac-Man’s ghost should be yellow.

No wonder you can’t kill those little ghostly things, your death just makes them stronger. Pacman is a scary scary game.

Wow I didn’t expect to see this today! Thanks voters!

So is this the famous Pac-Man kill screen that people talk about?

Just bought it, so many good shirts I will be under a bridge in no time! Least i’ll be one stylish hobo! :smiley:

Casper is a dead PacMan? - you learn something new every day.

Also, I am very much reminded of this: Dorkly Bits - How Blinky Died - YouTube

There would be a whole lot of ghosts if it were the number of times Pac-man dies when I play the game…

This is what happens when your diet consists of like a million marshmallows and one piece of fruit.

Also the Pac isn’t really dead, he’s just faking it to boost his shirt sales.

Finally, an incidentally video-game themed shirt that is truly amusing because of its wit and not heavily reliant on the reference itself.

This shirt is actually funny; and you don’t need to be a fan to appreciate it.

Look into his eyes and you will see the face(s) of death himself.

Inky is supposed to be cyan, not blue.