Changing Solar Lights, Strand of 10

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Changing Solar Lights, Strand of 10
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Well, not exactly what I expected…I bought two strands. First box I opened had pieces rattling around in it. Turns out three of the light connections had come apart, and fell out of the box between China and California. I made due by covering the bare wires with electrical tape. Also, one of the wires had broke, but I twisted it back together and it worked. Set #2 took almost 45 minutes to untangle, and that’s with the light globes removed. Several light connections had come apart in that box as well, but at least the pieces were still inside. I’ve sent an email to Woot, but no response yet. They look nice and do actually work, but I probably put more time and effort into getting them to function than they’re worth.

Bought 3 sets, little disappointed, needed to do a lot of work. Should warn that some assembly is required, soldering and troubleshooting skills. More of a challenging kit, but look good when finished.

I still haven’t tackled the third set, little afraid to open the box, after the last one…

The first wasn’t too bad, three of the flowers need a piece glued in, three of the plastic hooks had come off, one solder joint didn’t hold at the tiny little resister. The solar panel didn’t look well seated or sealed, used some clear silicone caulk had leftover from installing a new kitchen faucet. I put heat shrink over all 10 of the plastic hooks, as this is what covers the solder joints, and didn’t even look like they would be weather resistant, let alone stay together with a little wind.

The second set, which I just finished hanging outside, was a mess. none of the hooks were on any of the wires. Three solder joints needed repair. One wire had strands loose, causing the short, that killed the whole string. Took some time and testing to find that one. Sealed the panel, even though it looked okay, did the heat shrink tubing on the hooks, then spent about 40 minutes trying to untangle the mess. Instead of a twist tie, they just tie a big knot to manage the wire. Think this one was tied before the soldered, couldn’t get three free, but was close enough.

Figured I should post something, since these turned out so bad, they will probably be on the next Woot-Off as well, probably worse, as returns… Really poor quality, don’t think they will hold up long out in the rain, straight out of the box. Not sure how well my fixes will work either.

They do actually function pretty well though. They have a single 600 mAH AA battery inside, but last pretty much all night. Each of the 10 lights are independent, the slight difference in fade rate, makes it so they aren’t synchronized.