Channing Daughters White Mix (4)


I think that’s a totally fair question, and honestly, one I had to think about before answering. But in the end it came down to final price… We’re looking at $18.25/bottle shipped for two different white blends (one predominantly pinot grigio). I have a liquor store within walking distance of me so I’m somewhat lucky, but that would be the equivalent of me picking up something random at $16.89 before taxes. Have I done that before, yes, but maybe after chatting with the owner a little bit (again recommendations go a long way) and if not, I would only grab one of them to try it out on the sake of curiousity. With a place like woot, I’m investing in 4 bottles in this particular case which would never happen at the store.


Bingo. QPR is about the quality related to the price paid and the discount or lack thereof has no bearing at all on QPR. Some of the best QPR wines I have had were close to retail price, but they were incredible deals at that price and better than other wines that were much more expensive.


The East End of Long Island is making some of the most exciting and delicious wines in the world now
It is not a region for cheap wine s and economies of scale, but if you are looking for distinctive, delicious wines that reflect their Terroir…then look to Long Island and Channing Daughters


and here is what some others are saying too!
…Channing Daughters wines deserve a larger audience. Tracy’s Friulian-style blends (which include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio and Malvasia), and his wonderfully minerally 2006 Tocai Friulano, were some of the best whites I’d tasted from any American winery.
Wine Matters: Long Island
Lettie Teague
Food & Wine -

My favorite is the Mosaico, an exotically aromatic, viscous, and complex blend of pinot grigio, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, Tocai Friulano, gewürztraminer, and Muscat. Tracy also bottles single-varietal examples of Tocai Friulano and pinot grigio, both of which may be the best new-world examples I’ve encountered…
Uncorked: North Fork Surprise
Jay McInerney
House & Garden -

Channing Daughters in the Hamptons has rendered what I do not hesitate to call among the most interesting and rewarding white wines grown anywhere in North America.
—David Schildknecht Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate Issue #188 April 27, 2010

To avoid frustration, consumers should learn wineries’ wine-release dates and sign up for queues.
Not Enough, But Tasty
Howard Goldberg
New York Times -


Covers Ears

Robert Parker is a dirty word around here, so claiming he, or anyone associated with him as great, won’t get you very far in this community.

We definitely appreciate the effort, enthusiasm and the participation so far. Trust me when I say, all of those go a long way in peoples purchasing decisions around here, so keep it up.


Interesting, why is he a “dirty word” when he can be used as a perfect guide for you or anyone else to buy or not buy wine? If you don’t agree with his palate and he gives a wine a high score you surly will not buy, that could be very helpful. Or are you saying that a winery that Parker likes should not use his rec?


Got it

we get a lot of great press here at Channing Daughters and almost never use it because we make wine for people to drink and enjoy!!!
but when people are asking for it…its there…
not only form parker’s wine advocate but from the new york times, jose penin, the wall street journal, the world of fine wine, decanter, GQ, imbibe, the sommelier journal, the wine news, the wine enthusiast…and the list goes on and on
Cheers, Christopher


Frankly, I never got to taste these; others in the office did that for me.

I’ve been staring at those labels for the last hour, reading the CT reviews on the Mosaico (intrigued by the blend… Gewurtz, Tocai Friulano, melikes). It was in the 70’s up here this weekend, and I need some fresh whites. And after hearing what Christopher had to say… in for 1.

Last wooter to woot:neilfindswine


Personally, I find reviews to be helpful, anywhere from mildly to quite, but it’s scores that don’t help me. You posting reviews is great. And press is always nice. I appreciate that you don’t, and aren’t, throwing the scores around, though. :slight_smile:


Just grabbed some @Ty’s yesterday @50 percent off. Yeah, good.

Edit: We split 6 (discount only good with 6 or more) bottles between us. Less than 2 cases left.


where on their web site?


This wine is Channing all over my Tatum.




I am noticing this myself as I follow the discount wine retailers pretty closely. While the deals of 2009-2011 are definitely gone, there are still good deals to be had if you’re selective.



Schildknecht is actually pretty well respected, associated with RP or not. Did some nice work with Tanzer. Probably knows Germany and Austria and the Loire Valley as well as anyone. And now that Parker has sold out, wouldn’t be surprised to see him follow Galloni out the door.


I’ve been on the fence all day over this deal because I’m fully stocked on whites, I have three bottles of Channing Daughters’ in my cellar, and somehow it seems counterintuitive to buy local wine that’s made a trip cross country to the West Coast.

But in the end it’s distinctive wine at a good price (better price than I can find anywhere else), and I like having a stock of NY wines on hand. With these and my few bottles of Red Hook Winery’s finest, I’m feeling flush.

In for 1! Especially looking forward to the Mosaico.


Non-Sonoma/Napa deals tend to ship directly form the winery. WD sends over the labels for them. Hard to maintain a margin with a decent discount if you ship everything twice!


I was at your winery about 2 years back. Had a Cigar there as well as a bottle that had a light label as the one pictured. I still have 1 left in my cellar. I will be out there this summer and visit your winery.


Another two bottles went back with us.


Hehe. I found a buddy in DC on facebook. It’s going to him. He’ll get a bottle of the PG.