Chaos Hat 3-Pack

yes! I love beanies, and these look great.

Ahem. Canadian here. Those are clearly toques.

what is a self-liner? maybe we could see a picture of the lining, please.

Liner pic please. I bought a solid orange beanie that, unknown to me when ordering, had a white liner and it looked horrible if the rim was turned up too far because the white showed. I want to make sure I don’t buy any more with such construction. A pic would help tremendously.


i love a good slouchy but here in the sunshine state we can’t be having any of that liner business.

How’s the fit? I need loose since I have such a big head.

Compare pics #5 and #6. Looks like #5 is the folded up version of the same one in #6. Which means that the liner has the same color as one of the stripes.

I always think it’s funny when people wear when it’s warm or hot outside.

According to the pictures, these hats can make you young and happy.

In for 3.

RE: Inside (self liner) of cap

The inside of the cap looks just like the outside. One of the photos shows the cap folded over as noted earlier by another observant wooter.

I didn’t know Marco Rubio modeled hats

I’m just curious, in what part of the world/country are these called beanies? Around here they are caps or hats, or wool caps or ski caps.

Any sense of the sizing of these, i.e. do they run on the large side or small side? I’ve got a big (not huge, but big) noggin and have trouble finding hats that are big enough to comfortably cover my ears without being enormous.

Interestingly enough, these are called toboggans in certain parts of the south.

In Colorado they are called beanies and worn year round by a lot of folk. Seeing as how I’m bald and it’s my birthday I’m automatically in… which means I’m in for energy shots too… yay $5 shipping!

I didn’t know that a toque is considered a beanie. I wear my toque everyday in the kitchens at work. Thought they were different hats.

I have the same question. Did it cover the girls ears? If not, I would have to order mens. You would think that winter hats would cover your ears, but I have a hard time finding them.

According to reviews of other Chaaos beanies (which might not mean anything), reviewers praise the “snug” fit.

…and suspend yourself upside down. Not bad for $5 each.

Here in Pa we call them beanies.