Chaos Hat 3-Pack

**Item: **Chaos Hat 3-Pack
Price: $4.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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3/13/2013 - $14.99 - 24 comment(s)

Take a peek over at the Product Site

Winter Clothes drive donations, here I come!

Or should they be stocking stuffers?

Came here for obligatory redhead modeling Chaos hats…

Was not disappointed.


I ordered a FILA jacket earlier. When I order these hats, I am getting shipping charge of $5. I thought that shipping should be free for the day. Woot Woot, can you clarify?

Woot stopped the $5 per day shipping a while back. (makes the cheap Woot-offs a bummer…) Now it’s a flat $5 per order. You’ll need to squeeze all you can into one order to avoid separate order shipping costs.

Ordered a set, but kind of stupefied that I was charged tax ($0.70). NJ does not charge tax on clothing. I read the blurb about the tax on the bottom of the order page & a use tax was mentioned. Guess that what it is. Hmmmm. I can’t get back to that page with the tax info, nor can I find it on Woot. I should’ve taken a screen shot before I closed the page. This is a great price for these hats though so I couldn’t resist.

I found that same knit pattern on the internet and it is a woman’s hat

Why is this sold out? I wanted this.

They sold out because lots of people wanted them. get here earlier next time.

Last time I ordered these, Woot never sent them. They had me wait 2 weeks after they were supposed to arrive and then they gave me a refund. I asked them for the hats specifically and they told me they didn’t have any more. I am sad to see them up again and gone already…

I bet you’re a lot of fun to hang out with!

Hey, why don’t you send me a heads up the next time woot adds a second item at noon? Thanks.

I just received my order and there was only 1 hat. I thought it was a 3 pack. Anyone else have this problem?

Sorry for the trouble! I’d recommend emailing Woot Member Services with your order number so they can help.

Yes, I only received 1 hat, also. I’ll be contacting Woot support about this.