Char-Broil Grill Blowout

Today at Tools.Woot, instead of one thing in the daily deal spot, we’re giving you ALL THE CHAR-BROIL GRILL THINGS AND MOAR CHAR-BROIL GRILL THINGS!!

And since it’s a special kinda sale, we thought it needed a special kinda discussion place that you can find here.

Char-Broil Grill Blowout


Check out the product page for the 4 burner grill

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Char-Broil Grill Blowout
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C’MON… more than one pic of the high end grill please!!

Product Page on the 6-Burner with Reviews


Need to know what is the material of the outside of the grill. The picture shown does not show much and the description does not even mention the material on the outside. Parts of it look like Stainless steel but the sides look like painted metal. It is very important when you live in the south because some grills will rust immediately if they are just painted steel. I am referring to the Char-Broil 463273012 Performance TRU-Infrared 4 burner gas grill with side burner

If you are looking for a first (or even second) gas grill:

As a person that grills a LOT (like at least 2 days a week… I hate cleaning pots and pans!), I would honestly look at something other that what is listed here.

Some of the BEST gas grills are honestly some of the cheapest ones you can buy. Simply, cast iron holds heat so much better than these cheap thin walled stainless steel ones it’s almost laughable.

Using a little 2 burner fiesta cast iron ($100 when I got it), i spent 1/3 the gas to cook the same amount of meat, and the meat cooked better and more even. And it lasted for years of hard wear. Yes, I had to replace burners and heat diffusers… but the body kept it rolling.

If you have to get flashy, ok, good deal. If you want to cook meat, get cast iron bodied grills.

If you can spend the money on the big pricey grills… well… wrong place to look! :oP

Manual Link:
Video with some info: implies that the storage area bottom, sides and rear are painted steel and doors are stainless. Lid, side tables and burner cover are stainless also.

I have an older S/S Charbroil IR 3 burner with the side burner. The stainless doors and lid are just as shiny as when I unpacked it. Unfortunately, the firebox and (third set) grates have almost completely rusted out. If you can keep these things covered and dry, you can probably get about 10 years out of them. You’re still going to need to replace the grates and internals every 2-3 years though. I think they have some ceramic coated grates that you may get some extra mileage out of. I agree with the previous commenter, next time I’ll go for something heavy and cast iron.

I have a policy that has served me well.

Their is nothing like the feeling of buying something “LARGE” OR “COMPLICATED” on line, only to receive it and find out its nothing like you thought it was. Then their is the inevitable damage during shipping or when you decide to return something. What a pain. You do this a few times and I think you will agree that a local reputable dealer is a much better way to go about purchasing these type of items.

Now on the other hand if you know exactly what you are buying and the price on line is so low you would be crazy not to buy it … GO FOR IT!

I have the expensive one and here are my quick thoughts on it. First, it’s not stainless for those who care. Second, in my second season and the electric starter still works (pretty unusual for an outdoor grill). Third, the “infrared” is just an extra plate with tiny holes in it that keep the flame from directly consuming your dinner. Four, the infrared plate means you have to take it out and clean it off every three to five grills. Five, the grill has dials but practically speaking, it has two temps: off and HOT!

But here’s the thing. First, it cooks things better than any grill I’ve ever owned. Meat remains juicy while cooking through. Much easier to cook with then my Weber that sits next to it. Also, the plate with holes in it let’s me dump woodchips into the grill for smoking purposes, which is awesome. Lots of clean up but awesome.

And finally, it was cheap. I could buy two for the price of one Weber. I don’t expect it to last beyond four Seasons but aside from the environmental issues of a “disposable” grill, I felt it financially justifiable.

I bought it pre-assembled btw.

Typed in my mobile so forgive any typos.

I love my Char-Broil. Bought mine at Lowe’s. There’s slight differences between each store’s model, like what kind of grill grates are included, and how far away they sit from the burners.

I trust the reviews over at, but I’m not seeing the “Professional” label grills. I think these might be sold at Walmart, Target, or Sears.

The “Commercial” line of TRU-Infrared grills is sold at Lowe’s. That’s the one I have.

The “Gourmet” line is sold at Home Depot.

Natural Gas option and rotisserie and I’d be all in.

My two-cents: I have LONG had the four burner Charbroil grill with side burner, minus the infrared feature (perhaps for about 10 years?). (It looks EXACTLY the same except for the infrared.) It has been a very good, but not fantastic grill. The grill size is GREAT for sufficient grilling for parties. The grill continues to work, but the gas/flame seems not quite so strong as in earlier years, but I have not maintained it very well. I keep it covered, but that’s it, essentially. In more recent years, flames have been more centered at the front of the grill, while still sufficient heat to cook toward the rear, perhaps even better indirect cooking there. The exterior of the grill still looks as good as the day I bought it - no rust, discoloration, etc. The interior pan, while still sufficient, has degraded quite a bit. All in all, while I have considered buying a new grill in the past year or two, my Charbroil has served me well for many years.

Got the same 4 burner infrared grill at wal-mart for $299. Not a fan of the infrared because you have to clean it immediately after use, not like a regular grill where you can scrape the stuff off the next time you use it.

Lots of bad reviews for the so called hi-end :frowning:

Don’t know about shipping, but 60 Dollars less here

3 decent reviews I guess.

Bought the 3 burner Charbroil 36k btu grill off Woot for 79.00 back in July. Sure, it may not look as pretty as these but are 200.00 less and cook just as well. Rarely use the side burner, but found it is good for doing deep fried onion rings and smaller fish fillets. Don’t have to grease and stink up the house! Love the Charbroil.

Anyone else buy the Thermos charcoal grill and get something that looks similar but a totally different brand and venting system?