Char-Broil Infrared 2 & 3-Burner Gas Grills

Not much of a deal on the 3 burner version. It shows up with prime for $199 on amazon.

Amazon reviews are mixed, I’ll pass

[MOD: Not hte same model]

If these are anything like the one I purchased about 6 years ago, they look identical, the burners on these deteriorate after 1-2 years and the other steel over the burners soon follow. I know everything is supposed to be stainless but underneath it just doesn’t last.

The only BBQ grill to buy is a Weber.

Actually the first posting is inaccurate. Based on the model number, this grill on Amazon is $312.88 and is out of stock! This grill is a deal on Woot!

Not the same grill on Amazon…this 3 burner grill on Amazon with same model number is $312.88 and is out of stock. It’s a deal!

I really liked the infra red cooking system on this but the cheap exterior around the sides and back rusted out in a few years. The stainless top and front looked great. The rest of the grill just didn’t stand up.

Cheap grills are cheap grills. They only last as long as the stamped metal can avoid rust. (A few short years) Spend the extra for something with A higher quality shell. Burners and such are replaced easily. The shell, not so much.

Agreed. My Weber was purchased by my grandfather in the 90’s. All I’ve had to do is replace the grills and clean it. It sits outside always and has little sign of it giving up on me. My next one will be a Weber hands down.

EDIT: oh snap, I just checked and it’s a Char-Broil. Damn, egg on my face.

Local Walmart has the same deal new with option of extended warranty. Plus return is so easy. Not what I call a good deal.

[MOD: Just checked their site and their prices are higher for same models.]

Well, they don’t make them like they used to, that’s for sure! My mother has a Char-Broil that we just keep replacing the the insides on it for her, maybe $40 or $50 (tops) every 4 years…not bad.