Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Electric Grill

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Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Electric Grill
Price: $89.99
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I’ve owned this grill in the past. My condo association banned gas and charcoal grills, so electric was my only option. I used a smoker box with wood chips and that gave my food a good grilled flavor.

rhe one i got sucks big time not for a true griller

Do the drippings from the food just fall right onto the electric heating element?

If you aren’t using charcoal then you aren’t really grilling.

This is the best grill without the agg of previous gas grills both tank and connected natural gas… NO JETS ! Grills as it should to temp you want and I am buying 2nd one as spare but my seven year old one is chugging along in a happy manner.

Where to find tech spec? Does it support 220V electricity (EU)?

Totally agree, I was using this next to a charcoal grill during a large party and it just kind of grayed the meat, ended up just stuffing everything on the charcoal grill

Under the features:

So no 220v.

Sort of a moot point since Woot will not be shipping this overseas.


i got this last year and forget using it when it is even a bit cold because the temp drops so fast you can take 45 minutes to cook a normal sized steak. really was useless.

IMO, if you use anything other then wood, you are cheating. Do it the old fashion way. Get a nice fire going, poke a stick through it and put it over the fire. Now thats REAL outdoor cooking. :wink: