cheaper @ Walmart sad for woot

Do you have any links?

End of season sales for these Char-Broils is what you want to wait for. Amazing deals (fully assembled) at the Big Box stores.

We Love our Char-Broil & use it year 'round. And yes, bought it in the fall for a fraction of regular price.

Life Lesson: Never Pay Retail !


Sad thing for me, I missed all the good deals last year because I was saving for vacation. Now I’m having a Memorial Day cook-out, and only have my small webber sized charcoal grill. I may have to pay the big bucks :confused:

Can anyone who owns the 4 burner model comment on this? Particularly regarding the materials and the “auto-clean” feature that is listed in the manual?

Propane or natural gas? I have a perfect flame propane and a weber NG unit. Rather go with NG.