Character Sleepwear for Adults

Ruh roh. Wifey in for a surprise in a few weeks…

HOT…or not?

I got the deadmau5 outfit last time they were on sale here. It looks pretty good, the fabric is very much like a snuggie. Even though they are thin they are very warm, I will only be able to wear it during winter or colder nights, during the summer it just is too much heat.

Also the durability is a slight issue, after about 2 uses mine ripped a little about an inch size rip. I might have pulled it wrong trying to put it on? if so it was pretty gentle for it to rip. but as far as a gimmick item goes, its not bad.

Too bad there’s no Wonder Woman. Last time these were on sale I only bought 1 supergirl and I regret not getting a Wonder Woman one too. But I figured that they’d pop up for sale again and they did! Only this time no wonder Woman. So I got 2 supergirls, one tank top and one 3/4 sleeves.

I really love it and even as an adult i let my inner child come out and i wear the cape. lol The capes are made out of a pretty delicate fabric, so I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to bed.

Needs more Wonder Woman!

I need more robin.

Who’s that in the Scooby Doo suit, TT?

A staffer from the photo studio.