The 11000mah one (big one) is on sale at Newegg for 45$ + free shipping…same price as WOOT as you have to PAY 5$ shipping. Just sayin. Same with the tube 5500mah one, same price as WOOT on Newegg. This really isn’t a sale >.>

Agreed. As a matter of fact, the 5000mAH is also on sale at It’s also cheaper if you use the 20% coupon that is floating around the net.

I bought the Phillips 3 outlet + 2 USB port the last time it was offered. Love it, don’t know how I functioned before.

How does the FlipIt USB thing work?

Can that second USB also be used for iDevices? Sometimes there’s a reason not to.

I was curious too. Here’s a video.

Clever little thing!

Yes. Port A is for iDevices. Port B is for others.

I bought a couple last time, and might do so again. The plug folds, so it’s still travel friendly, but inherently more useful by offering 3 outlets. Not huge for surge protection (812 joules, I think), but it’s better than nothing.

I own the iGo laptop power supply x3.
One at 120w and two at 90w.
No complaints. The on and off charging thing is wierd at first.
Price beats the airport stores where I end up buying most of my chargers…

Newegg also has a promo code for Labor Day that takes off $5. So they would actually be cheaper from newegg when shipping is factored in.

why can I never find a 180watt charger?

I want another brick so this brick can hide somewhere on my desk

It has metal contacts inside the slots of the colored plastic part that swings out, so it requires you to plug in another device through it to close the circuit. Otherwise it’s just connecting to said circuit in parallel as if you had plugged in, say, one of the other AC-USB chargers in this sale.

The Philips 3 Port + 2 USB thing… how many amps are coming out of the USB ports? Is it 1 split between the two ports, or 2.1? The description doesn’t say, but if it isn’t at least 2.1 then trying to power two devices at once would be useless.

Description does not say. Package does not say. Guess I have to try to measure it. Package only states that the “A” USB port is for Apple products and “B” is for non-Apple products.