ChargeBlock 2.1 Amp USB Car Adapter

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ChargeBlock 2.1 Amp USB Car Adapter
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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wants the usb aquarium

i like it, but not for $11

This just oozes quality…

i like it, but not for $11

a couple reviews on Amazon say it can’t charge tablets… hmmmm

Way over priced.

Just paid $15 for something similar on Wish I would have waited. Annoying that you need a new car charger for the iPad, but this little guy should do the trick.

2.1A should be enough for your precious iPad.

This thing looks a lot more dangerous and intimidating than it is.

a car uhhh dapped-her

Wait 11 bucks for a cigar lighter usb charger?!?!?

These rock, will charge anything I’ve thrown at it. In for 2 more.

Its 2.1 amps. Most of them are 500ma, or 1a at most.

or not… I was too slow (T.T)

you can buy these at truck stops or gas stations for less without the shipping costs.