ChargeBlock 2.1 Amp USB Car Adapter

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ChargeBlock 2.1 Amp USB Car Adapter
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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This seems a bit overpriced.

This might just be somewhat useful…

too bad i just bought a big one of these… for 2$ shipped hehe

2.1 amp output is nice, makes for quick charging. Most chargers are 0.5 to 1 amp.

$5.99 with $5 shipping? Jesus, seems like I got this shipped from honk Kong for 50 cents free shipping 5 months ago from Ebay :stuck_out_tongue:

$8.99+ Free Shipping.

someone set us up the bomb.


got my 2port for 3bucks on fleabay
2.1a & 1a
works great. so ya this is overpriced as it is made in china also.

glad to see I haven’t missed my Bushel of Clams yet. Had a 3 hour class.

does it have a flip out handle to remove it?

Wont be till tomorrow.

But USB devices should never be able to draw less than 500 mA. Confused…

Yeah, the AmazonBasics charger has 2 ports, is $9.99 and has free shipping for prime members.


Still angry that the 99 cent HDMI cables sold out in three seconds.

This would be awesome if I had only one USB device to charge.

Yes. But wouldn’t you rather support the lovely Woot instead of cheap factories in China? Haha

There was a bucket of these (similar, not necessarily the exact model–I didn’t look that closely) by the cash register at my local Walgreens yesterday for $5. I thought they looked like a neat idea, but didn’t pick one up at the time. I will now go back and get one since they are twice that shipped here.