Charged Cotton 6" BoxerJock 3-Pack

Got these the last time they were on here a couple weeks ago, and they are one of my favorite style of boxer briefs I’ve ever worn.

HOWEVER, they came as a 3 pack with the bottom of the cardboard loose/open and only 2 pairs inside. I was able to get a partial refund, but after receiving these faultily packaged as well as shoes with the anti-theft device still attached, I’m a little uneasy about buying clothing from woot again.

If they arrive as ordered though, they are pretty great.

I’ve bought these in stores for years for almost $20/ pair and loved them. When they came up on Woot for $8 each, I jumped on it.

Unfortunately, out of the pack of 5, two pairs were already split at a seam and one had some sort of oil stain on it. They were all cut differently in the front “cup” area as compared to the ones I’ve bought in store.

For the price, they are probably still worth it if they are in good shape. Unfortunately that was not my experience.