ChargeHub Universal Charging Station

Does anyone know if this works with quick charge technology like with the Droid Turbo etc?

The ChargeHub will not support the Droid Turbo Charge Technology, as its unique to their brand/devices, but connected devices will charge at their standard rate on the ChargeHub.

is this USB -C?

No, the ChargeHub does not support USB Type-C style connector. In the future when it becomes more popular for all devices, we plan to come out with that version.

mfi certified lightning cable?

I’m curious… what differentiates the “patented technology” here from other “smart” chargers, like this model from Anker?

The ChargeHub package comes with 1 Micro to USB Cable to get you started, as it’s most commonly used with devices on the market today that are non-Apple. You can simply use your MFi certified cable to charge with it, or purchase one of them from our website,

The ChargeHub provides the patented SmartSpeed Technology that allows optimal charge for up to 7 connected devices, with a higher amperage and wattage output than Anker.

Is this device USB 2.0 or 3.0?

ChargeHub is a mulit-USB charging station, not a USB hub that sync’s devices, so there is no need for USB 2.0 or 3.0.