Charger with 12 AA Batteries

**Item: **Charger with 12 AA Batteries
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8/8/2013 - $9.99 (Woot Plus)

Don’t buy these batteries and charger. THEY SUCK - and that’s the reason they are so cheap!

I bought them from last year and only had them a couple months before all the batteries corroded acid and busted in the charger

These are “rechargeable” alkaline batteries. It’s a FAILED technology that’s been around since the 80’s. The biggest problem is that you MUST charge the batteries when they are HALF depleted. The problem is that most gadgets don’t have a meter telling you when it’s 50% depleted. If you wait until they’re empty or near empty, the battery is damaged beyond repair. And the capacity gets smaller very quickly with each recharge. IN other words, these alkalines will not have the life of alkalines and will be no better than cheap zinc batteries. Most users won’t get more than 5 recharges from each battery.

Rayovac was the major maker of this technology but gave up very quickly because NiMH batteries don’t have these problems. That’s why you find them in bargain bins.

Why don’t you use Li-ion batteries?

What he said! (That’s been my experience with these, although none have actually failed to the point of corrosion yet.)