Charging Dock w/ Four Backup Batteries

Hmmm…a powerful deal, at first glance.

Though each battery is barely enough to do a single recharge of our 1-2yr old Samsung phones, it would make our kitchen counter look much cleaner.

This. Found just the batteries on Groupon, no charging stand. Can also be charged via micro-USB port. shows charging a phone directly from the base, with all the powerbanks in it, using a USB cable. You do not have to use just one of the powerbanks. So I guess you get a total of 12000mAh?

Is there a MicroUSB cable for the base included? I see nothing about a cord in the specs.

This was very informative. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHARING!!

The base has a USB out port, so you can charge directly from the base when it’s plugged into the wall.

We are reaching out to our vendor to confirm this - stay tuned.

The big question is: What is the charging amp output of the battery packs, and the port on the docking station??? If they are 2 amps or more they may be ok. 1 amp output is a definite no go…

I already have too many usb cables cluttering drawers, table counters, etc.

life pro tip:

you can’t use a battery to charge a battery: it’s just like with two car batteries, if you have one full and one empty, you hook them together and the best you’ll get is two half full, and half full is less than half full.

here’s how to make it work:

when you leave the house in the morning with your fully charged phone and your fully charged external battery keep the phone plugged into the external battery! In this way, since the phone battery is already fully charged, you won’t be using the external battery to charge your phone battery, you’ll be using the external battery to power your phone.

When you see your phone battery start to go down, that means the external battery is done, and you can disconnect it. THAT is how you get maximum use out of an external battery.

now, some of you are saying "but I use this big fat 10,000mAH external battery that is heavier than my phone to charge my battery all the time! what you are actually doing is using 3 external batteries taped together to charge your phone, it’s 3 to 1, and you don’t actually need that if you follow the above.

That is so impractical! That would mean I would have to keep it connected for 6-8 hours to my phone instead of just an hour to charge it. At that point I’m better of buying a battery case.

All these batteries are not 5v internally like a car battery is 12v. There is some step up/down converters that do that. Similarly, there are battery charging circuits in your phone. So saying this is like 2 car batteries is not realistic.

That said, there are inefficiencies at each stage. Also there may be a limit to how much current these packs can put out, so this may not charge your phone quickly… depends on their design (which I cannot speak to)

I don’t have the time to actually do the research right now, but I don’t think you’re correct. The type of batteries in a car and in a phone are wildly different, and charging protocols, voltages, and current are not the same. The batteries in phones and external chargers are pretty smart and since the voltage remains high for li-ion until it reaches fully depleted status, it can charge until it’s nearly completely gone.

Anyways, either way, any time you connect an external power source to your phone, it will first power the phone, and secondarily will charge the onboard battery. That’s why if your external source is only providing 1amp, it barely will charge the battery, if at all, because most phones take ~800mA during normal use.

This is not the first time this question has been ignored by the staff. My take is that answering it will negatively affect sales so that it must be 1A instead of 2A. If it were 2A, the staff would have quickly identified it in the description and responded with an answer.

Any reader of our forums would know that we allow plenty of criticism of our products, business model, website, selves, pets, etc

No, the truth is just that we are waiting on confirmation of this spec (and other questions asked here) from our vendor, whose offices have been closed since Friday due to a religious holiday. We should have an answer tomorrow.

yes they can be charged via a cable.

Since your a vendor rep, do you know the answer to the question ??..………What is the power output when you connect a usb cable to charge a device on this? 1.0 Amp or 2.1 Amp?

Silly customer, vendor didn’t mean manufacturer.
Vendor means a fourth party representative to the third party who has been authorised by the second party to use the third party’s name and business model to promote sales of the second party’s fifth party overstock.
Thus leaving the first party (us) with more questions and less money.

Or, this guy’s country knows how to tie one on for holiday celebration!

You my friend deserve to win the Internet for that explanation. :slight_smile:

That is not how these packs work. They don’t just parallel two batteries. They have boost converters which raise the internal battery voltage of 3.7V to 5V which is the USB standard. Your phone uses that 5V to power a battery charging circuit.

Is it tomorrow yet? Any answers?