Charging Station/Surge Protector w/6 outlets, 2 USB

I have one of these. Yes it works fine. Is it bulky? Yes! Does it cover both outlets when ugged into the wall sockets? Yes! Does it tend to attract toddlers and infants towards it due to its overall size on the wall? Yes! What did I purchase instead after observing the results from above? I installed these in a few strategic areas around my home:,store:17219852293634974540&prds=oid:16503891330728329038&q=usb+outlet+lowes&hl=en-us&ei=L-7kV4jxHufqjwSpx6CIBA&ref=212&loc=1&lsft=gclid:CNH1iqSPpc8CFQwYgQodLToBMg

Expensive? Yes! Easy to install? Yes! Worth it? Yes!

My .02. Good luck!

Ps- they also make single electric outlets with two usb ports that are less expensive. Google away! The brand is solid!

6 outlet white is $15 on amazon, free shipping w/prime…3 outlet is $13…so you choose.

Can anyone tell me if there are obnoxious lights on these things? I have a similar one now and it’s a stinkin’ beacon in our bedroom…hate it. We cover it with a towel in order to sleep at night so I’m sure we’ll be roasting marshmallows from the comfort of our bed soon!

Yes, it has lights, but its LED, so there is no heat, and no smores. Just put elect. tape over it.

Is the part that plugs into my outlet 3-prong or 2-prong?