What’s the catch with the 10,000 mAh one? Why is it so much cheaper than the others yet has the highest number of mAh? Am I blind and missing something?

As far as I can tell the catch is that the brand is Pyle and it charges the device at 5V/1A while some of the other devices charge at 5V/2.1A which is what the newer devices(Nexus 5, Samsung S5 and many of the newer tablets) typically charge on. With 1A going in it could take quite a while to recharge it or the device in question.

Would it be bad for the phone to charge it using 5V/1A?

Without being an expert on the subject, but understanding electricity fairly well, I would say that it would be fine to use a lower amperage (the A number), at least from a “not destroying your phone” perspective. It will take forever, but it shouldn’t damage your device.

Does anyone know where to get additional cartridges or how much they will be? Their website, under ‘Accessories,’ says to “Ask us” about future accessories, but gives no info on more cartridges or gives any way to actually contact them.

the device will take longer to charge at the lower Amperage. to take advantage of a “fast charge” it needs to be over 2 amps.
ALSO i might add that the cable itself needs to be of a certain type. without getting into the details if you have more than one usb cable keep trying them all to find the one that is fast charge enabled, some are charge + data and they will not, by design, allow the device to charge at the higher amperage rate. hope this helps, if not, you ought to talk to His Royal Googleness. Woot!

you could try to contact them thru their

no bad just “slow”

Can you talk on the phone while charging with one of these devices?

Absolutely! I do it all the time with the Sony chargers we got here on previous Woot. For that matter, you can use any device while it’s charging…like I continue using my iPad while I’m charging it with the 7,000 mAh Sony charger shown here.

Yes, but your battery doesn’t like when you do that.

Stopped charging, purchased from woot in June of is year. Only charges to the first blue light. Any ideas? Tried different cables, no luck?