Charity thread: Helping people in need, II

Thanks to Woody1 for the original thread, which started with this post.

Ok, I hope people will, between purchases of woot, stop by once in a while and look this forum over. I will try to give to every charity (no cruzer, your college beer monies fund is not a charity, LOL!) and do what I can to help.

If you have a charity you feel passionate about, please post a link to it and why people should care, donate, support, etc.

I think this community of wooters can make a difference to all people in need.


Please feel welcome to move any posts from the first Charity thread to this one.

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Please be a part of the cure.[/quote]


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Maybe he doesn’t like us anymore…[/quote]

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[quote=“AlienResearchGrpHome, post:, topic:”]Thank you (from ALL my fam) to all of you for all the love you show in adopting my
wonderful nephew, and the cause I pray will produce a miracle in time for him to
go on reach his full potential!

Thank you, D’name, for your tenacity in keeping this thread alive! :)[/quote]

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I am logged on as ARGH but I am his sister and mother of the beautiful boy that appears many times on this site. What you did not know, as he intended it that way, is that my brother had Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) as well. He adored his niece and nephews and it broke his heart to know that Lucien would face many of the same challenges as he had. We lost my incredible brother on June 10th to complications of SMA and we miss him terribly. The woot fun, the crazy contests, and especially the community was a big part of his life for quite some time. It is so touching to peek on here periodically and see you unknowingly honoring him the way you have by keeping the SMA charity thread alive. Thank you and blessings to you all.


PS I would post an updated picture but I am not near as savvy as my brother and do not know how. If you are want to, e-mail me and I will send one to be posted.[/quote]

A site I found that rates charities…

No doubt about it, helping people in need is the right thing to do and it just feels great.


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I have a car that I want to donate to a non-profit. Anyone have suggestions? I was thinking of Purple Heart, since they will tow it themselves and deal with the title easily.



Does anyone have a favorite charity?
I’m trying to find the post with the walk, which was the last active charity we had.


Give blood

St Jude Childrens Hospital.
Nobody needs to pay any more than the insurance will pay.
If you have no insurance, you don’t pay anything.

Donated the car to Purple Heart. Good cause, and easy to do.


Thank you!

Heheh… I just found out about this thread. Thanks for posting my message.

If anyone wants to vote for my shirt and support the cause, you can click on the image in my signature. It really needs all the votes it can get if it’s going to make it to printing and earn a lot of money for charity. Thanks for your support!


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