Charles Latour Conway Watch - 6 Colors

silently waits for a bag o crap to appear

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Charles Latour Conway Watch - 6 Colors
Price: $32.99
Shipping Options: FREE SHIPPING (Unless it’s wine)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Jul 16 to Monday, Jul 21) + transit
Condition: New


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colors to match the rainbow

I’ll be up checking for BIRTHDAY of CELEBRATIONS, since I’m up with the newborn anyways. Thanks husband! At least I can multitask the refresh button while rocking. COME ON BoC

What a crap? I don’t want this crap. I have enough of this crap. Btw lmmfao for the list price at $380. You have to be a v’owl or squarely to even think that’s true. Betta Koi’s are much smarter than that

Where does it appear?

Awesome we have levels now!?

These watches are $779 on the mothership? Hmm


Check the water resistance specs. It says 1m/30ft which is wrong.

The price isn’t very meaningful when its only listed by a 3rd party seller.

There was a Groupon deal for these watches at around $45.

these look nice to me

Yes, the famous suggested retail price on watches.

Anyhoo, did a little digging and at one point Groupon had them for $44.99.

Do with that info what you will.

Would it be too evil to start a rumor that if you buy an item today woot sends you a private link for a balloon o’er chechnya?

If not too evil could I get a kickback?

I’ll kick you.

Don’t take advantage of others for your own gain. sheesh.

Hehehe poooor squarrley

the blue and green ones look so rad.