Charles Smith Viognier (3)

Charles Smith Viognier 3-Pack
Sold by: K Vintners
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2013 Charles Smith Viognier, Lawrence Vineyard


Outstanding white wine. This is a perfect example of what you would call a red drinker’s white.
Had this on Friday and again tonight. Deep golden yellow but clear, with a pretty nose. Lots of tropical fruit, lemon, no alcohol. A little bit of lingering vanilla/oak. Big bodied with a creamy* mouthfeel it is very satisfying to drink. Complex and interesting, it’s hard to pick out exact notes just very tropical, with minerals, nice amount of oak and good acid with a long finish. You could almost confuse this for Clark Smith! Except his are a little more restrained and this WA mountain fruit is very different.
A big wine, for a white anyway, but doesn’t overpower food and you could also have this by itself and enjoy it (even in the winter!) which I wouldn’t say about most whites. This is definitely more fruity than floral but doesn’t feel “sweet” so kind of opposite to typical rieslings for example. It is also very new world so you would never mistake this for French viognier.

One of the best whites I’ve had in a while.

*Not to be confused with buttery, like some chardonnays.

Time to splurge . This is pure nectar. I loved this wine.

Tried the 2014 at the Walla Walla tasting room earlier this year and liked it enough to buy.

Frankly I’m a bit surprised to see to see this here. If you like viognier, I’d recommend buying. This is below club pricing.

In for 1 … would do more if I had the room.

You really are trying to bankrupt us all, aren’t you?

Pretty sure I’m going to be on a first name basis with the staff at Fedex pick up location by the time December is finished if this keeps up.

It’s WD’s practical joke on the mothership on his way out the door – “see what you can do offering better wine at rocking deals?”

And, lest you think they aren’t listening to complaints about lack of storage space, a nifty 23-bottle wine rack over there, under the “home & kitchen tab.”

Thank you for the notes. Very helpful!

I would put this up against wines like iron horse oaked chardonnay, winesmith faux chablis, twisted oak viognier. Blows away wellington chardonnay (sorry Peter) but at twice the price and different region I guess that’s an unfair comparison anyway.

Drink the wellington daily and have this monthly!

You’re killing me!!

Forgot to mention that even being a 2013 it does not feel aged and could easily hold for a year or two and still be good for another couple years, it would just start to change.
This is very well made and balanced and with the amount of oak and minerality do not be afraid of the vintage or having to drink it up immediately.

My retirement savings runneth dry

Expletive! I might have to get some!

I’ll tell you what’s unfair – reviews like this! Am I going to have to buy this, too??? (Et tu, Cesare?)

Oh boy. This is a tough one. Have spent way too much on wine the last month and a half. But I have a son going to Whitman so this is right in the wheelhouse. Beautiful wine, beautiful area.

Whew, I thought that I’d never say this because the reviews of this offer seem great, but Ohio state laws prohibit me from buying this!!

So my credit card continues to get a breather and my wife can sleep well tonight!! Back to hugging all my wine bottles.

Great review, Cesare. I’m covered with whites, though, and I know that there is at least one more offer this month that I’m going to want. And I’ve already over-spent.

Decisions, decisions…

You took the words right out of our mouths!

You took the words right out of our mouths!