Charlito's Cocina Cured Meat Sampler

Charlito’s Cocina Cured Meat 6-Pack Sampler
$51.99 $75.00 31% off List Price
Chorizo Seco, 8 oz
Cerveza Seca, 6 oz
Truffle Seca, 6 oz
Salami Picante, 6 oz
Fig Salami, 5 oz
Campo Seco, 6 oz

Anyone? Looks pretty tasty, of course I haven’t had breakfast yet.

Sure looks tasty, but 37oz. foe $51.99 comes to about $25.30/LBS. Too rich for me.

Good assessment.

I’ve only had the chorizo, but if it’s any indication of the rest of the line up, I’d highly recommend it. Yes, it’s expensive. But it’s completely in line with what one would pay for any artisanal salume. I’m going to hold off on this one simply because I spent too much at Salume Beddu in St. Louis this month. :wink: