Charlito's Cocina Cured Meat Sampler

Each item in this sampler is usually sells in pairs for between $19 (for the fig sausage) and $37 (for the truffle sausage). Individually the items in this sampler would come to $82 before tax and shipping, going by their current listed prices.
I never fall for the usual buzzwords like “artisan” or “glutin-free” or “legal in some states”, but I took a gamble on Charlito’s last time they had this sampler on woot! and it was worth it. I’ve ordered from them a couple of times now and I’m definitely in for another sampler.

Nothing says lovin’ like a tasty sausage in the oven. How many inches is 8 oz anyway? Circumference matters…something kinda salty and sweet is the best. Viva la charcuterie!!