Chasing Windmills

Way to go on the print, Toe!!! Nice to see a win from you.*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

When you get the shirt, why not showcase it by posting a pic here?

Looks cool, on the fence though. :confused:

Wow… the shirt looks a little darker here than it did during the derby.

Congratulations, Toe!

Congratulations!!! wooHOO!!!

Greatness is as greatness does!


that’s because brown is really damn dark. People forget that when they do their comps

Way to go, toe! Definitely deserved, and I wish you an early sellout and a long-lasting reckoning run.

overall, cool print.

kinda looks like a nuclear explosion in the background though.

Congrats Toe! WTG!!!
Well-deserved/beautiful design.

thanks! do we get any free shirts out of this deal or do we have to buy them?

Wow, this is one beautiful shirt. Bought.

I think he used the brown that was in the shirt comp, though. It’s not his fault. But you’re right, it is a really dark brown.

I think you get 3 free, right Jaden?

Congrats Toe, Got mine! Look forward to getting it.

thanks to everyone who voted and made this possible!

Congrats Toe. Nicely done with the woodcut look – good show!

looks really nice. tempting…

In for one. Just single-handedly turned Utah brownish-yellow on the map!

he’ll get the email on Monday. Buy 3 now at $10 a piece, then get 3 more to stash or give as gifts after it goes on sale the next day the coupon gives you a better deal PLUS you can have them expressed for free.