Chat Room


I made this thread so when your online you can say so and then your can talk to people like in a chat room. Start conversations and pic up on old ones.


Ill start the first one:

Im online 10:26

Hey is any one reading this Thread lol?


Aren’t we already doing that???


umm where? lol


where what?


where are we already doing that?


Well I think here, everywhere here. But maybe not.
I’m old, you are confusing me!


sorry lol. yah i guess we do this stuff all over but this is a little different. here we dont need to make a million diff threads and you can say when your on line and well stop making me think about why this chat room is good lol.


Night Peter, hope someone comes to play with you!
Is it peters no board or peter snow board
You aren’t 13 are you? Cause if you are you should be sleeping!


First off im not 13 and second its peter snow board not peter NO board, usally petersnowboard is takin so i do petersnoboard



oops didnt mean to do that! o well


If petersnowboard93 isn’t taken, would you take it? Is petersnowboard93 already taken on woot?


Evidently Peter’s ninety-third snowboard leads a vigorous virtual life!


Not a virtuous figural life?


you gotta think before you act…