Chateau Bianca Mixed Whites (6)

Chateau Bianca Mixed Whites (6)
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2012 Riesling, Willamette Valley
2012 Gewürztraminer, Willamette Valley
Pleased to have been selected (first time!) to review this Chateau Bianca **Gewurztraminer. **

Right out of the fridge popped open with temp at 43F — a bit too cold, but gave it a whirl. Color is pale straw to very light, similar to a Pinot Grigio. No nose at this temperature. A bit tart, lean and dry heading toward off-dry but sugars are kept under control by moderate acid. Is it dry? Short answer: yes.

This wine really started to improve for me after about 45 minutes in the bottle when the temp reaches around 60F. Nose definitely opens up to a mild apricot/cantaloupe, but not as powerful as the Alsatian varieties with their floral notes (and darker color). The Features notes indicate spice characteristics that I’m just not getting, and the mid-palate is leaner.

With food: I paired this wine with a Korean dish of rice, scallions, sriracha and hot dog (minus the standard fried egg). The sweetness in the wine, closer to the off-dryness mentioned earlier, was more evident — in a good way. The wine went surprisingly well with the dish and tamed some of the hotness of the spice (much better than the traditional beer, which to me seems to increase the heat).

In the end, I wish I was also given the Riesling to compare this to, since I am looking for whites to accompany a New Year’s pork roast with sauerkraut. At $10 per bottle delivered, this is a decent offer and one for the cost-conscious, but with the toned-down and lean characteristics of this Gewurz, there is just not enough going on for me to pull the trigger (admittedly, I favor bigger, expressive whites like Viogniers and Chablis). Perhaps the Riesling reviewer can change my mind….

I’m honored to be chosen as a Grape Debater - I thought my application got lost in the Vestibule of Patience (along with all my BOC)!

I received the 2012 Riesling to try, which is great, because I love a good Riesling. I pulled it out of the refrigerator (kept at a brisk 38 degrees) last night and immediately poured a glass. The nose was promising, very bright with citrus and stone fruit aromas. Taking a drink, it was honestly a little off-putting (acidic and almost a bit bitter), but that was completely due to it being too cold. Within about 30 minutes, it had warmed up enough to really get a taste for what this wine was all about. You can definitely taste the citrus and slight tropical fruits. It continued to improve in taste and drinkability over the next 30-45 minutes.

This is definitely an easy drinking wine. It’s a bit thin in mouthfeel, but tickles the taste buds on the way down. It’s nice and fruity without being too sweet. Basically, everything I look for in a Riesling and a nice change of pace from the big hearty reds I’ve been drinking lately.

I’d recommend this Riesling for easy drinking and pairing with food if you’re looking to consume in the next few months. It seems prime for drinking now, even though I also see this being a great patio wine (I just made this up, but meaning a nice chill wine to drink on a warm day).

Disclaimer: I am not a wine snob, but I drink a lot (like, a LOT a lot) of wine. I hope you enjoyed the review and I’ll be checking in throughout the day to answer any question to the best of my ability. Thank you Wine.Woot for the opportunity to try this wine!

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Hi Wooters,
Andreas with the winery here. Wow, I love the effort put into your post. Very thorough!
I concur that our Gewürztraminer is not as heavy as that from some Alsatian producers (traditionally they put their wines in oak ovals for a year of aging) this contributes to the more golden color. However, I find this wine lovely for holiday fare such as Turkey or a nice honey baked ham. I don’t think I would have been brave enough to pair this with a Korean dish but the Riesling would do the trick as it finishes with a touch more acidity to play against the heat.
We do plan to get this wine out in time for the holidays so if you are thinking of a purchase for the aforementioned dishes we plan to get the wine packaged and out the door with FedEx.
I’ll check back later should in the day.

Andreas with the winery here.
Another great post! The Riesling is intentionally made with this level of residual sugar to play off the acidity. The wine has some pleasant honey notes on the palate and then your palate is cleansed by the refreshing citrus finish. My favorite pairing for this wine is a wasabi dressing over Asian noodles or a Thai dish with lime and chili sauce. I enjoy opening a Riesling with bottle age as they do develop additional character. I hope you enjoy it.

Wine Enthusiast reviews fwiw :wink:

Thanks for the response - always good to have owner participation on this forum!
I liked how your Gewurztraminer seemed to improve as it got warmer (warmer than, say, a Sauvignon Blanc). I can see how it (and the Riesling) would go well with fowl, particularly at a table where the meal is long and the temp of the wine doesn’t have to be monitored or kept in a bucket the whole time.
Having the dry (Gewurz) and off-dry (Riesling) in this offer is a nice way to satisfy most of the white fans looking for holiday meal pairing.

We have really enjoyed the wines from chateau Bianca in the past. Thank you debaters for your notes.

Me again (Riesling taster)! Just had the rest of the bottle with some (also leftover) mildly spicy chicken tikka masala and I can confirm it’s a great food pairing wine. It really brings out the honey flavors and cuts through the creamy/spicy flavors. I look forward to getting my additional bottles to try with some of the suggestions from Andreas. Thanks for chiming in!

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